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Hello Everyone,

I can't believe that it is happening and I am publishing my website. I was dreaming about it for so long...

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who is currently reading these lines and also who've chosen me as their volleyball coach, friend, or teammate. Playing all over the world, I realized what type of coaching works for me and what type of coach I want to be in the future. Therefore, now, I am ready to share not only my volleyball skills and knowledge but also become a friend and a mentor to my athletes.

I would never forget, at the age of eight years old, my first volleyball coach told me that he was there for us. Part of his speech was dedicated to life situations where we might not feel comfortable talking to our parents as we might feel judged or embarrassed. Therefore, he made us feel safe to talk to him or ask for some advices. I would like to be that approachable friend who can inspire a kid, make changes, support, and prepare my athlete to a life that is outside of the volleyball gym walls but also involves victories and failures, rises and down falls, enemies and friends, competition and team work.

My plan is to write little blogs about the topics or situations that had happened in my athletic life.

Therefore, welcome to my website and let's stay in touch.

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Vitayu Nataliia! Keep doing big things! 
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