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Passing the Torch: A Volleyball Camp to Inspire and Develop Young Players

Last Easter weekend, I had the pleasure of organizing and hosting the Passing the Torch volleyball camp. It was an incredible experience that brought together former teammates from the Mount Royal Volleyball Cougars team to coach and share their experiences with younger players.

The camp was designed for players aged 15-18 years old, and we had participants from different clubs who had the opportunity to meet more people in their volleyball community and compete against each other. It was a great way to develop their skills by facing new challenges and opponents.

One of the highlights of the camp was the panel discussion, where former university players answered questions about their mental and physical health, volleyball memories, and unique tips they used throughout their volleyball careers. The coaches also answered questions about how to get recruited, what university coaches are looking for, and how to improve overall skills. It was an incredible opportunity for the younger players to learn from role models and gain insights that could benefit them both on and off the court.

During the on-court practice, the focus was on game-related situations, which is important for players who are looking to take their skills to the next level. The coaches joined in on the drills and even played alongside the younger players during queens court games, providing in-person contributions and creating a fun and engaging atmosphere.

It was also great to see the younger players wearing Natke Volleyball t-shirts, which were designed by a very good friend of mine, Gala Maiovska, from Barcelona, Spain (originally from my home town Severodonetsk, Ukraine). I was lucky enough to have the help of Matthew and Delia Stayner to make my dreams come true, and TimberTown sponsored the expenses for the camp.

Despite the Easter weekend timing, the camp was a great success thanks to the dedication and commitment of the former Mount Royal players who were able to participate. It was an incredible opening camp for the upcoming summer, and I'm already planning to invite international players with world-renowned names to share their knowledge and experiences with Canadian players.

In conclusion, the Passing the Torch volleyball camp was an incredible experience that provided younger players with the opportunity to learn from experienced coaches and former university players. It was a great way to develop their skills, meet new people, and have fun. I'm looking forward to hosting more camps in the future and inspiring the next generation of volleyball players.

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