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Beach Volleyball

Our program teaches all aspects of beach volleyball and is catered to your skill levels, ability, age, and goals. Our program offers theoretical, strength and conditioning, ball training, tournaments, and more in a fun and supportive environment!

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are modified according to the level and the goals that the athlete wants to achieve. Our sessions include ball control, a theory of reading the game of opponents that will increase the chances of winning the rallies, communication between the teammates, and a lot of fun.

Victorious players proudly display their well-deserved trophies following intense beach volleyball competitions.
Beach volleyball players engage in an exciting rally, with one delivering a powerful hit and the other executing a strategic block.

Group Sessions

Our group program makes learning beach volleyball fun! You will be actively trained throughout the camp and regularly play side-by-side with professional players in drills and tournaments. Working on sand will help you improve your strength, stamina and overall fitness level.

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