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Breathtaking aerial view of beach volleyball courts from a high-flying drone.

Our vision

Our youth training programs are an excellent way for your child to get exercise and learn valuable lessons in a supportive and safe environment.

The benefits your child will gain from our programs include:

  • Meeting new friends around their age with similar interests,

  • Developing teamwork and leadership skills while gaining confidence in themselves,

  • Getting great exercise and have fun doing it!

  • Training on sand offers some unique benefits, including greater levels of strength and fitness due to the high resistance and dynamic surface, and reduced risk of injuries since sand is low impact.


We tailor each program based on the group's skill level, both individually and as a whole. Each child will receive an appropriate level of instruction which will challenge them to improve and achieve manageable goals.

Athletes new to beach volleyball will learn basic skills and fundamental techniques such as bumping, setting, and hitting with the proper form. They will also learn basic game strategies such as reading their opponents, positioning on the court, and how to support their teammates.

Experienced athletes will expand beyond the basics and learn techniques such as digging, setting and hitting in transition, tomahawk receptions, blocking, and advanced hitting techniques (e.g., pokey, drop shots, cut shots, rainbow shots). They will also receive theoretical training such as reading opponent attacks, defensive strategies, court vision, and more!

Up-close and personal with the volleyball net - the heart of every game.

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