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natke volleyball

We take your technical development to the next level by isolating specific components of each skill and developing them with targeted drills and exercises.

Our training is focused on each athlete’s individual goals, catering to all experience levels and all ages.


meet the team

Ready for Action: This image portrays a player in their 'ready position' moments before receiving a serve. The athlete stands poised, embodying a perfect balance of concentration and anticipation. This snapshot encapsulates the anticipation and focus required in the crucial moments just before the game is set in motion, showcasing the essence of preparedness in volleyball.
Guiding the Way: In this photo, our dedicated coaching team comes together, ready to lead and inspire. These coaches bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion to the court, nurturing the growth of our athletes. Their mentorship and expertise are the driving force behind our achievements, highlighting the vital role of coaches in our journey to success.

Nataliia Klimenova

Nataliia is a professional athlete from Ukraine with over 20 years of volleyball experience as a player. She found success playing both indoor and beach volleyball on the world level. Nataliia was the starting libero for the Mount Royal University Cougars varsity volleyball team for the past five years. In 2022, she helped lead the Cougars to second place in Canada, winning the silver medal in the National U SPORTS Final.

NATKE Volleyball team

Meet our extraordinary coaching team, comprising world-class players who have conquered the highest levels of volleyball. Their remarkable journeys and expertise await you on our "About Us" page. Dive into their inspiring stories and coaching philosophies to see why they are your ideal mentors for volleyball excellence.

Visit our "About Us" page now to learn more about each exceptional coach.


Reflecting on the Journey: In this shot, a player is captured from behind, sitting on the bench, offering a unique perspective. It conveys a moment of contemplation and introspection as the athlete takes a brief pause during the game. This photo symbolizes the dedication and effort that each player invests in their volleyball journey, revealing the quiet determination that fuels their passion for the sport.

“Maddy said to say thanks for all the help over the summer! Made the school team and is killing it!”

Kristi S.

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