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If you are serious about improving your volleyball skills, private lessons are a good choice. Private coaches can tailor the approach to meet your needs. Plus, we keep you motivated and help you eliminate bad habits.

This will lead to drastic improvements in your performance on the court.

Individual Sessions

Middle blocker refining skills in a dedicated one-on-one session with an experienced coach. Tailored training for success.
Player poised to pass a challenging serve with focus and skill on the volleyball court.

Private volleyball coaching has been shown to improve athletes’ technical skills, minimize injuries, and allow them to reach their full potential. When working one-on-one with a player, coaches can target specific areas in the athletes' technique that are holding them back on the court. We believe private volleyball training moulds the athlete by targeting areas for improvement more directly than group sessions or practices can, and is the recommended way to develop the athlete’s ability. The coaches can share deeper strategies and get into deeper details for a better understanding of the game of volleyball   

Another benefit of private volleyball training is when a player finds a coach who specializes in the same position. The athlete will pick up a unique skill set for their particular position they might otherwise not receive at a regular practice. Private coaching also offers players important playing advice and knowledge that their general team coach might not know or have time to share with the athlete. Players with individualized instruction on their position can compete at a higher level than those only relying on general volleyball knowledge from coaches.

Private coaching allows the coach to target the needs and learning techniques of the specific player to a greater extent than they would in group lessons. No two players have the same specific needs when increasing their skills, some players are more visual and others need more of a specific explanation and respond better to the spoken word. With private lessons, players can get the most out of their coach’s instruction and work directly on what they need to improve.

Private volleyball coaching allows athletes to have a coach specializing in instructing their position, which helps elevate their overall game. This focused approach gives privately coached athletes a competitive advantage over athletes working only in a group setting. Overall, private lessons are a perfect way for volleyball players trying to get the most out of the game to improve their talents and become more competitive athletes.

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