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Volleyball Agency

Our mission is to offer our athletes full support and the best services in order to help them to be improved and achieve their goals. Our company agents realize the needs of their clients and for this reason, they are able to manage them proficiently every step of the way. It should be noted that the athletes that we represent are not only our clients but also our friends.

We are here so you can play there

World-class player facing a trio of blockers in a high-stakes match.
Uliya Gerasymova ready to serve with precision.
Logo of the Sports Agency
Unstoppable blocking duo in action! These formidable blockers create an impenetrable wall at the net, shutting down every attack with finesse. Witness the art of defence and intimidation in volleyball.
Indoor court battles are in full swing! Our teams are giving their all, showcasing top-tier volleyball skills. The atmosphere is electric, and the competition fierce. Get ready to witness indoor volleyball excellence.

ESM volleyball consulting

Our clients are very important to us, we are only satisfied with our work when our clients are happy. We are committed 100% to the interests and satisfaction of our clients. We represent players from many different countries and a diverse range of backgrounds; from young talented with big potential to players with broad international experience, playing at the highest level of volleyball.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality representation and management for players and teams who are dedicated to being the best! That is why we develop excellent relationships with our partners, teams and clients. We strive to be friends not only work partners.

I know what you are going through. I've been that player who was trying to find a professional contract but did not know how it works or whom to ask. 

I've partnered up with my friend, and together we are ready to make your dreams come true. ESM volleyball consulting agency is located in Turkey and works with players and clubs all over the world.

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