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Strength and conditioning

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Volleyball players require a high level of stamina and endurance to compete on the court. Your training and preparation should reflect the pace of the game. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the best style of conditioning for volleyball players. Listed below are some examples of the best conditioning workouts.

  • Box Jumps - Grab a 12-inch box. Hop onto the box using both feet and hop down continuously for 30 seconds. Take a 15-second break and repeat.

  • Jump, Shuffle, Jump, Sprint - Start with three squat jumps for height. Then shuffle back and forth at a ten-foot distance, three times. Repeat three squat jumps for height. Last, sprint 20 feet back and forth, three times. Take a 30-second break between each rep.

  • Shuffles - Squat down into an athletic stance. Shuffle back and forth at a 10-foot distance for 30 seconds. Take a 15-second break and repeat.


It’s important to build your strength in order to maximize your efforts on the court. Strength training will help improve your ability to move efficiently on the court and add power to your hitting and serving. Here are some great strength exercises to add to your workout.

  • Dumbbell squat to press - Grab a set of dumbbells. Hold the dumbbells above your shoulder. Squat down while holding the dumbbells. As you stand up, press the dumbbells above your head.

  • Good mornings - Place your feet shoulder-width apart. Place the barbell on your shoulders. Inhale and flex your abdomen. Exhale and hinge forward at your hips. As you stand back up, ensure your lower back does not curve.

  • Lateral lunge with a press - Grab a weight that you feel comfortable pressing out in front of you. Hold the weight in front of your chest. Take a large lateral step out, and keep one leg straight while sitting back on the other leg in a squat. While in the squat, press the weight out in front of you. Using your squat leg, push yourself back to the center while bringing the weight back to your chest.

Rest day

Your body needs time to recover from challenging workouts. Set aside one or two days a week for your body to reap the benefits of all your hard work! Just because it’s a rest day doesn't mean you should just sit around. Enjoy a walk outdoors or play another sport with some friends. Remember that recovery days are just as important as the days you spend in the gym. Hydrate and fuel your body with nutritious foods so that your body can prepare for another week of tough training!

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We offer high-level individualized personal and group training with our highly qualified trainer with over 15 years of experience.










Luke Kosowan

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology
CSEP – Certified Personal Trainer
Neurological Rehabilitation Specialist
Registered Massage Therapist

Luke learned the importance of health and exercise early on in life, which led him to pursue an education in human movement and physical activity. This soon evolved into a full-time career educating others about the importance and benefits of physical activity in relation to health and wellness.

Luke’s mission as a trainer is to help athletes reach their full potential and achieve lasting improvements in their fitness and health. In his approach, Luke combines functional training and multi-joint exercises with an emphasis on core strength, mobility, joint stability, and proper exercise mechanics to help prevent injury and encourage the development of balanced strength, cardiovascular endurance, and overall improved fitness.

Luke has a strong background in rehabilitation, viewing the body from the unique perspective of the nervous system. He enjoys training a wide assortment of clients – from athletes looking to improve their performance to clients dealing with injuries to people looking to lose weight or simply improve their quality of life.

Meet Luke Kosowan, our dedicated strength coach, guiding athletes to their peak performance in the gym.
Luke Kosowan, our strength coach, demonstrating handstands – balancing strength and control.
Luke Kosowan, our strength coach, leading a workout with battle ropes – building power and endurance.
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