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Unleash Your Volleyball Potential with Our Position-Specific Clinics!

Are you ready to take your game to the next level? Join our high-energy, skill-focused volleyball clinics designed to transform you into a powerhouse player in your chosen position. Whether you aspire to be an unstoppable attacker, a masterful setter, a defensive dynamo, or a dominant blocker, our expert coaches will guide you through intensive 2 to 3-hour sessions dedicated to refining your skills.

Elevate your performance, one clinic at a time. Get ready to immerse yourself in targeted drills, hands-on instruction, and game-changing insights that will reshape your approach to the game. With a personalized training approach, you'll discover the secrets to unlocking your full potential and making a lasting impact on the court.

Join us for an unforgettable experience that's more than a clinic – it's a journey toward volleyball excellence. Spaces are limited, so secure your spot today and be prepared to redefine your game!"


October 15th 10am-12:30pm           

"Spike Masterclass" u15-u18

Unleash Your Inner Hitter! Join the Spike Masterclass.

Are you ready to dominate the net like never before? Our Spike Masterclass is a deep dive into the art of spiking. Whether you're an outside hitter looking to refine your power shots or a middle blocker aiming to outwit opponents with finesse, this intensive 2.5-hour clinic is your ticket to becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Our seasoned coaches will break down the mechanics of the perfect approach, helping you master footwork, timing, and arm swing techniques. You'll learn to read the defence, adapt to different sets, and land those winning spikes consistently.

Elevate your game, one thunderous spike at a time!

Price: $100 (+GST and WIX commission) + T-SHIRT

12 spots

JVCENTRE, 10 smed lane SE


October 22nd 10am-12:30pm 

"Setting Precision Workshop" u15-u18

Crafting Champions: The Setting Precision Workshop.

They say a game is only as good as its setter. Elevate your team's offence with pinpoint accuracy and split-second decision-making. In our 2.5-hour Setting Precision Workshop, you'll immerse yourself in the art of setting, transforming yourself into the ultimate playmaker on the court.

Join our expert coaches as they guide you through a comprehensive curriculum, covering hand positioning, finger control, and strategies for setting under pressure. Through focused drills and simulations, you'll enhance your ability to create scoring opportunities and keep your team in control of the game.

Set the stage for success – join the workshop that builds champions!


Price: $100 (+GST and WIX commission) + T-SHIRT

12 spots

JVCENTRE, 10 smed lane SE

October 29th 10am-12:30pm

"Defensive Dominance Workshop" u15-u18

Unlock Unbreakable Defense: Join the Defensive Dominance Workshop.

From crucial digs to game-changing saves, defence wins championships. Immerse yourself in our 2.5-hour workshop designed exclusively for liberos and defensive specialists. Elevate your defensive prowess as you dive into the world of advanced techniques and tactical insights that redefine what it means to be a defensive dynamo.

Led by our skilled coaches, you'll learn the art of reading attackers, mastering body positioning, and executing flawless digs. Engage in dynamic drills and real-game simulations that sharpen your instincts and elevate your team's performance. Transform yourself into the defensive standout who turns defence into offence!

Price: $100 (+GST and WIX commission) + T-SHIRT

12 spots

JVCENTRE, 10 smed lane SE


November 12th 10am-12:30pm

"Blocker's Blueprint: A Blocking Clinic" u15-u18

Command the Net: Enroll in the Blocker's Blueprint Clinic.

The net is your domain, and victory is your masterpiece. Embark on a 2.5-hour journey into the heart of blocking excellence. Whether you're a middle blocker erecting an impenetrable wall or an outside blocker disrupting attacks, this clinic is your gateway to becoming an unyielding force on the court.

Guided by our expert coaches, you'll unravel the intricacies of timing perfection, positioning supremacy, and reading the opponent's intentions. Through tactical drills and strategic insights, you'll cultivate the skills to thwart attacks, tip the scales in your team's favour, and seize control of pivotal moments.

Elevate your game and be the game-changer your team craves!

Price: $100 (+GST and WIX commission) + T-SHIRT

12 spots

JVCENTRE, 10 smed lane SE

November 19th 10am-12:30pm

"well-rounded Player Intensive" u15-u18

Master Every Role: Join the All-Around Player Intensive.

Versatility is your trademark, and excellence is your pursuit. Immerse yourself in a comprehensive 3-hour session that hones every dimension of your game. From delivering aces to crafting precise sets, defending with finesse to unleashing dominant spikes, this intensive clinic is your portal to becoming the ultimate all-around player.

Our expert coaches will guide you through a rotation of stations, each dedicated to refining a specific skill. With personalized instruction, you'll fine-tune your abilities and evolve into a dynamic force that shapes the outcome of every match.

Embrace the challenge, embrace the transformation – emerge as the ultimate asset your team relies on!

Price: $100 (+GST and WIX commission) + T-SHIRT

12 spots

JVCENTRE, 10 smed lane SE

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